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Elijah about love at first sight - While filming at New Zeeland me and some others from the cast went to the teather to watch one of the shows, and I met one of the actress preforming in that show namned Madeleine. I fell for her immediatley and one night I actually borrowed a car and drove for four hours just to see her.

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He was critically praised from the film adaptation of an old TV shows “Flipper”.His acting got positive response and many believed that Hollywood industry has got one versatile actor.He has appeared in the movies such as Deep Impact, The Ice Storm and The Faculty. Wood got the role of Frodo Baggins, a leading role, in the film adaptation of the book “The Lord of the Rings”.After a while Dom told us he needed to piddle and I felt I also had to go so we climed up a statue and..piddled.. Rumours about the couple getting engaged was quiet down by Frankas mother and friends to Elijah said that she had forbidden them to engage too early. At Elijahs 21th birthday he partied at a bar in west Hollywood and got so drunk he threw up all over the men's bathroom. ” - Elijah Wood Young and handsome Elijah Wood is an American actor as well as a film producer who is known as Frodo Baggins from the movie “Lord of the Rings”.

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