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One of the members of this staff was and he was in charge of keeping the gardens and the pool clean.He did not know how to bungle this seemingly easy task and hence, in order to join the brigade of the bunglers, he decided to look at the electric sub-stations on the Estate and declare that these were not world-class. And this incident brings us to the hero of our story- new mantra for all the stations on the Estate.He wanted to be the Sole Questor who would In Quest all the Station Heads into listening to his cacophonic rendition of his cymbal drums.Now these efficient Station Heads were running their operations smoothly and generating sufficient high quality power without any wanted to change things.Once upon a time, there was a huge estate controlled by one family.The Estate was known as MGPL-short for Madam G’s Pvt. The Caretaker of the Estate (COE) was a simple man with a simple blue turban who never spoke ill of anybody.The bunglers also get shuffled like a deck of cards that contains only jokers.

He was brought in because he had it in him to hit a “home” run, but instead, he managed to spend more time scoring self-goals.He did not understand the concept of MCBs and insisted that all wires should be routed through a Board that led to the “Mains”. So, to break the stranglehold of Kota made transformers, he brought in Quota controlled Boards and Mains that would bleed Kota and make his Chandni Chowk shine like silver.ITI trained electricians would check the Board and the Mains and if they were satisfied, they could let the Station Masters do the “Advanced” Questing that would lead to power generation. Needless to add, this move by did not go well with the Station Honchos.managed to pre-fabricate muster rolls and bungle the accounts and finances of the Estate even more than his worthy predecessor and for this act of mucking up things he was rewarded with a huge promotion.He, with his beaming smile that earned him the nick of , was moved to a sprawling mansion in the Estate, from where he would sign on dotted lines and make liberal use of his new found toy, a rubber stamp and its readily inked pad.

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