Tanpenshu online dating

It's a school comedy about a high school girl and her big sister, who is shy and very traditionally feminine, but also incredibly strong and convinced that she will never be able to marry because of this un-womanly feature.

There are no fantasy elements to this story, which is rare for Ikeno, but all her characters are so well-developed and likeable even when she only has about 40 pages to develop them, and you can't help but become engrossed in their personal struggles.

I think this is the most shojo manga/Otome-tique story I've read by Ikeno; the emphasis on romance, the quirky way the hero and heroine meet, and the tragic past of the hero really reminded me of Tabuchi Yumiko.

A historical romantic comedy about a Meiji-period young man who falls in love with an young aristocratic girl and studies telepathy in order to tell her how he feels.

A series based on an anime developed by Akimoto Yasushi.

It's the story of Moriya Ririka, a fourth-grader who becomes Nurse Angel in order search out the "flower of life" and save the world from the evil Dark Jokers.

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