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If it's being wielded with just one hand, it's a One-Handed Zweihnder.Compare Dual Wielding, Heroes Prefer Swords, and Infinity 1 Sword. Obligatory links to Freud Was Right and Compensating for Something are here for your convenience.However, humongous hammers and titanic axes also appear from time to time, most commonly in the hands of The Big Guy (or, just for the absurdity of it all, a little girl). Oversized, unrealistic swords aren't unheard of in medieval or earlier fiction, poetry, and artwork.To make matters more confusing, most societies employing swords also made huge ceremonial swords for display, which laymen of later periods may mistake for actual war tools.

The more distracted we are, the more likely we are to get distracted.In the pre-smartphone era we accessed the internet roughly five times per day, in longer chunks.Today, with smartphones, we’re accessing it 27 times a day.Some people call switching our attention between things that vie for it “multi-tasking”.Like were a computer with dual cores running two simultaneous processes. Numerous brain imaging studies have shown that what we call “multi-tasking” in humans, is not multi-tasking at all.

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