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not on the Internet) though it was on a multi-user machine.

It ran on a VAX/VMS mainframe (to be precise, the machine: ) that Computer Science students and staff at UCD shared.

Weizenbaum's trick remains one of the classic tricks for building a chatbot.

The original Eliza was meant to be sympathetic to the human.

Clearly, much of this was waiting for someone with the right personality to come along - and, crucially, someone who did not know they were talking to a machine.

Fellow students talked to the program, and while its responses did prove more popular than the banal responses of the normal therapist, all of this took place with no element of surprise. The program, called simply "Doctor", was offline (i.e.

I thought it would be interesting to add aggression and profanity to the program.

My program was deliberately designed to have an unpredictable (and slightly scary) mood.

For the cumulative effect, the reader should read through the LISP source code, which is visible at [4], from which the following examples come.

The reader will see that the technology is all pretty much standard Eliza pattern matching.

The novel aspect is the design of the personality and responses, and of course, from the technical viewpoint, putting it online.

a practitioner of the non-directive therapy of Carl Rogers), who has a conversation with a patient by appearing sympathetic, asking bland questions, and asking the patient to clarify what he just said, or discuss how he feels about it.

This means the therapist does not have to engage in any detail with the actual content of the patient's problems. This is obviously ideal for a computer program, which can attempt to carry on a conversation without having to understand anything the human says at all.

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