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The color of fashion seemed to even go to war, with patriotic nautical themes and dark greens and khakis dominating the color palettes, as trousers and wedges slowly replaced the dresses and more traditional heels due to shortages in stockings and gasoline.

During the 1940s Sporting events were disrupted and changed by the events that engaged and shaped the entire world.

The genre has been widely copied since its initial inception.

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Drunken Angel (1948), marked the beginning of the successful collaboration between Kurosawa and actor Toshiro Mifune that lasted until 1965.The 19 Olympic Games were cancelled because of World War II.During World War II in the United States Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis and numerous stars and performers from American baseball and other sports served in the armed forces until the end of the war.Fabrics shifted dramatically as rationing and wartime shortages controlled import items such as silk and furs.Floral prints seem to dominate the early 1940s, with the mid-to-late 1940s also seeing what is sometimes referred to as "atomic prints" or geometric patterns and shapes.

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