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We don’t want to spoil it too much now, except to say that it is an extremely simple game that oddly resembles pinball.The largest and busiest fish market in Japan, one of Tsukiji Fish Market’s main draw is the legendary Tuna Auction that takes place before the sun rises most mornings.Bring a book or a magazine to read while waiting for the auction to start. Tips: Go to Sushi Dai (Dai means number one in Japanese), but brace yourself for the crazy long queue (three hours is commonplace).Just a bit further down on the same street as Sushi Dai is Daiwa-Zushi, which is just as good as Sushi Dai.

With its bright lights and constant stream of people, the sheer scale of Tokyo can be slightly overwhelming for first time travellers.Take in the 400 metre long street lined with shops, cafes, boutiques, and fast food outlets.Try the most famous crepe stall on Takeshita, Marion Crepes.Be prepared to jump out of the way of incoming trucks and trolleys.Please remember to bring a jacket as the auction area is cold especially since the tuna are frozen.

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