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Other then the (barely visible) neogeo-like small text on the bottom sections of the screen, what makes this a neo cart as opposed to a Jamma Board? The Ninja Ryukenden horizontal scrolling action game from Tecmo is back with 200% more action. There are rumors that he is the protagnist of the previous Ryukenden, but the organization has not made this clear, he is a drifting spy. He is a powerful fighter, but seems surprisingly sensitive. She has entered this war to increase the fame of the idol school.The time is the end of the century, the criminal organizations of the world have organized into a new crime federation that was moving secretly behind he scenes. She's not very powerful, but she makes up for it with speed and diverse techniques. That masterpiece, Ninja Ryukenden [returns] again!! Ninja Ryukenden II Genre: Fighting Action Release: 65% The fist of justice brightly roars out! Originally an american football player he is a spy for MNES.

Sometimes called "Wizards", these magical beings use the aid of mysterious magic to aid them.However, they strike a very prominent amount of skill use and, with the right equipment and thought out strategy, can be seen as lethal opponents on the front lines of combat. While the Melee attacks will seem more frequent and potent than the ranged combatant, they have an uneasy weakness to paralyzing blows/spells or major fatigue and must rely on close quarters for connecting strikes.The Ranged class can hit these opponents even while in a paralyzed position.Understanding this, MNES has dispatched 3 agents in order to destroy the organization. Until the day we meet at the game center, we'll be waitin for you! ITT you re-enact the GIF of your choice for reps & fun.

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