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She'd had an early night last night and, after a relatively stress-free morning, she'd taken the afternoon off and treated herself to a massage, manicure, pedicure and sauna. Although she didn't know who she'd be partying with, she had the venue's address written on a legal pad in her office.

If anyone tried to white slave her he'd be first person arrested. in the City." Mary Rose balanced her lack of knowledge about Bruno with the positives. She had asked on several occasions, getting the same answer each time.Then it took a left into what could only be described as an alley between boarded-up buildings.Moving slowly it headed towards the water, its occupants silent. A mile or so away real estate was ranked amongst the most expensive in the world.The Mayor might very well claim otherwise, but it was hard to believe that any repairs had been made here since the Luftwaffe paid their last overnight visit, sixty-odd years ago.'Your turn,' he said as he pulled up and killed the lights.

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