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BRBNCBII, Pi AIMmm BIG Oa POOL ON WEST SIDE OFTHISCOUNn THE UNION OIL COMPANY OPEN- BD A RICH FIELD ON UP- PER BLAINB. Adams received the mem- bers of the Ladles Aid Society of the M. Church Wedneeday .afternoon at her home on Main-at. it Vtt Osbom has many friends in Loulaa where she llv a few years. All honor, therefore, to these noted surgeons who hava heard the cry of the suffering poor and arv doing what they can to take them the needed helt.— S. It is the product of human suffering, and we will give it hack that others may receive healing and that young doctors may' go far beyond what we have In their aid of htunan suffering." A* this high purpoae on the part of these splendid men speaks for itaelf, comment is hardly necessary. Her misfortune Is deeply r O' gretted by her many friends In this city and all Join in wishing her a speedy recovery. palled to-day by the Board 'of Control of Charitable and Penal Institutions. County Court begun and held at the Court Houae In Louisa. He la a prat^t Mal 'oil man and la handlln K the l pay for treatment, can re- it "without money and without price." In making the aimouncement of their benefaction the brothers use these noble words: "The great wealth we have la not our own. 3 last night, and re porots from her state she is getting along very well and will probably be able to leave the h Oapital within a few weeks. — John Olbson Boyd-co., serving a life sentence in the penitentiary for the murder of I^llllan Ph Ullpai, -«W. Governor Stanley had commuted Holton's sentence to one year. The aand haa th« ni-cpa- aary thlckneaa to hold an Immcn Hi' ll H, und A. Ayara of the aan Ki plact', own prac Uot Uly all of the atock Of tha company. Ayara haa irlven thia davelopmant kla paraonal attention Uian a year. Miss Osbom was on her way to the' depot to go to Huntington to a hos pital for appendicitis, and was walk- ing on the sidewalk when the truck came on the walk and struck her. Her collar bone was broken and she waa severely bruised and was un- conscious for several hour*. Sal ton was called and rendered medical assistance and took her to Keesler hos- pital on train No. Th« l«a U to which tha oil walla In tha "Vmmr" BUlna tarrttory, cr wixt aid* Ot l Awrenca-co., hava baan aub- jaetad alnoe tha plpa line waa built to th«t flald Indlcata that the pool la vary produotlra. All hope for her early recovery" : Miss Kllraheth Osbom, formerly teapher in our seluutls, and for the past twenty months |n charge of the Home Service Section of the Red Cross ii tills county, was run down by the mo lor truck of the Southern Eixpress Co Nesteriiay afternoon about four o'clock and was severely injured. Miss Inei Wellman spent Sunday with Misses Belva and Lauretta Brad- ley. Ef Tord Clarlcson of Busseyville spent Sunday with V'nnt Wellman. DOUa HBOVB HOME BY CHRIBTMAB ILLITERACY WORKERS MET. The Commission hopes to reduce this num- ber by January Itt O to 60,000. «.-The last Amerlcnn doughboys in Kranoe will be home for Chrlstinaa, General Connor announced to-day. R Blankenship of ITateaiville was a business visitor here Thursday. Heaberlin and ti«e Nolen called on friends in Loulaa Sunday. Cora Wilson Stewart, chair- man of the Kentucky Illiteracy Com- mission. The last census of Kentucky showed 200,000 illtierates in this state. Rewell ,aa State Inspector and Examiner made a report on the Ren- lucky Illiteracy Commission last Jan- uary he estimated that there were 100.000 illiterates in Kentucky.

Bylngton waa In I^ Tliomii- son were ut Wcbbvllle Thursday.

Don May spent Sunday and Monday with friends at Deephole. We handle Blank Books of kinds, loose leaf ledg- ers, note books, journals, column books, order and receipt books, expense books; almost anything you need for your office, typew Mter supplys, inks, files, clips, pencil sharpeners, blank Deeds and Mortgages. We would like to hear from Daniels creek, Overdn HIcksvllle ngnln. no cotntnlialofitiopaf, Wrlia Uflay (or fiw s UMMsg tsgi* lop prlrr I la U . up at not leas than four public places ' lax a" winter.

• Misses Violet Roberts, Ivory Bur- chett and Thelma Bamett attended Sunday school at Dry Ridge Sunday. Jeir Oilliam of Christmas was a bus- iness visitor here Monday. John Nelson waa a business visitor in Catlettsburg Mtmday. He said all artivtlea of tha Aaiari- can army in l-«»Iln». M Mil wl Msl In* USABai SONS llilwlk'i for at least thirty days next before the day thereof in some newspaper having the largest circulation in the county and also by printed hand bills posted i .

We buy 810,000 worth every year of furs and hides and wool Is why we are on the Job. Eaton Crane & Pikes fine social correspondance stationary, fountain pens and fine stationary make nice Christmas pre sents.

We forfeit 860 ev- ery time we t MI to pay the prioe. We will have your calling cards, wedding invitations and your stationary engraved. in each vo Unc pr Mi Mt in the county' BIG BLAINE PROOUOl COMPANY and at the.

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