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- Suicideby Agent Orange has joined Special: Chat -! You're looking over your shoulder, staring down the path.

- The Last Paladin was kicked from Special: Chat by Chao ZStrider -! You're always sweating me about the next big heart attack.

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[YOUTUBE] Title: Girl With A Funny Talent [ORIGINAL VIDEO] - Duration: - Uploaded: 2011-12-29 - Rating: 4.715431 - Views: 54,402,274 - -! - Ichigo Kurosaki3636 has joined Special: Chat When I was a kid, I used to have an imaginary friend. I could talk to him and he could hear me, and he could grant me wishes and stuff too. [YOUTUBE] Title: Cave Story 3D OST - Running Hell (Curly's Theme) - Duration: - Uploaded: 2011-12-16 - Rating: 4.939394 - Views: 13,210 - S9zp_u NUo Y -! - Oyashiro18 has joined Special: Chat NO ONE HERE FUCKING SEES IT -! You're always looking back, running from the past. - Suicideby Agent Orange has joined Special: Chat -! If you'd like to be the first than bring it to me off site and you will see how I deal with people who like to bring mental illnesses into things. - Chao ZStrider has joined Special: Chat [YOUTUBE] Title: [HD] Dubstep: Kill Paris - I Do Love You - Duration: - Uploaded: 2012-05-29 - Rating: 4.923077 - Views: 23,948 - MWo -! She felt the need to move on again, and got traqpped in a destructive, emotionally pressing relationship, I am sure she still loves me as much as I love her, but I am not sure what i want out of it, she will never say she loves me, but she drops these infuriating lil hints, and then covers them well, I wont ask her out, or for anything, because I know it puts pressure on her relationship, but she spends half her time worrying about how im doing, so much so that she misses out on spending time with her bf lol -!

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