Dating website based on astrology compatibility

is utterly unique - the first astrology dating site to match couples using the most important astro-compatibility indicators - Sun signs, Moon signs, Chinese Astrological year and lunar month 'animals', 'elements' and Yin/Yang characteristics.

And this is how it works: Your date and place of birth is analysed, and then scanned against every other star-match member in your country. The higher the score with another individual the more compatible you are.

Built with that same “we both like this already so let’s date/fuck” model, Align matches singles who put more stock in Susan Miller than Neil de Grasse Tyson, . Why learn about the stars when we can feel about them, right?

For me, it’s about finding somebody other, somebody who is a little more open, a little more optimistic, filled with a little less bile, and lastly, willing to trust both an algorithm on a phone and a ponzi scheme in the sky. Align launches today, but it’s available only in Los Angeles for now.

Our wide range of compatibility assessment tools will lift you to your higher ground.

Connect with your soul purpose while you identify your soul mate and build the life you came to experience in this lifetime.

The people-planets are all cast against a beautiful, glowing solar-system—the cosmic webbing that will ensnare all the hapless, loveless crabs, lions, scorpions, and lawyer scales out there.

I clicked on a young woman who, in her small circle, was throwing her diamond up like Jay Z. Diamond Hands is 25, and, judging by one of her descriptors, Keeps it 100, which I dig. Unfortunately, our compatibility heart is only three-quarters full, and this, I imagine, is somehow the lion’s fault.

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