Dating out of loneliness

A compliment is a compliment, but yet, the words that are used to compliment you makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

[Read: 9 interesting dating facts you probably didn’t know] On the other hand, words that you personally associate with negativity affect you more.

If someone speaks about the traits of low confidence to a person who believes they’re not confident, it would affect them more than it would to a person who doesn’t believe it’s a negative trait of theirs.

And just like that, in our romantic lives too, the words you choose while speaking with your partner can subconsciously affect their views on the relationship.

The words you choose and the way you say something can make your lover feel closer to you.

Even as individuals, words play a big part in our lives.

The kind of words you choose or the way you behave can have a much deeper impact than you can imagine.

The words you choose can make your relationship a lot better, or at times, it can push your partner away from you forever.

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But even in an argument, avoid words that are sarcastic or condescending because it’ll hit your partner hard and leave them fuming.On the other hand, if you constantly criticize your partner, they’ll feel underappreciated and will avoid telling you any of their mistakes because they’d be afraid of being judged negatively by you.[Read: Perfect things to talk about in a happy relationship] #4 Your words in an arguments.Compliment them about their job, their personality and anything else that you genuinely feel.When your partner believes that you have a high opinion about them, they’d feel more comfortable to reveal their weaker side and ask you for help.

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