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As they hone their craft, attackers develop their skills and accumulate knowledge.

And while they go to great lengths to hide from view and keep their actions under the radar, they leave tracks if you know where to look.

Later, this actor gradually began delivering both Vawtrak and Dyre.

Eventually, the actor began delivering Dyre exclusively.

Crimeware operates like an underground business -- multiple players may be involved in one project, pieces of an operation may be outsourced to various entities, and elements can be handled by multiple groups over time.In these instances, it becomes harder to prove that the same criminal group is behind a string of malware campaigns.However, subtle tricks and routines found in packers and crypters provide valuable clues for threat researchers.niper Spy is the industry leading Remote password hacking software combined with the Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature.Once installed on the remote PC(s) you wish, you only need to login to your own personal Sniper Spy account to view activity logs of the remote Are you worried how others might use your Mac OS X computer? Sniper Spy is the only software that allows you to secretly watch your Macintosh like a television!

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