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More traditional renderings turn Dao into a capitalized abstraction such as "the Way" or "the Path," and anybody trying to understand them feels like their brain has just turned to oatmeal.Although too ignorant of Chinese to trust my own judgement, I have always preferred Ez's rendering of Dao as "process" on the basis of Ernest Fenollosa's claim that ideograms render "noun and verb as one -- things in motion, motion in things." That fits the world of modern physics, of perception psychology and of what little I think I know of Chinese.Give me another 72 years and maybe I'll arrive at firmer conclusions.Dear President Bush, I've been looking at TV news a lot lately, and have noted that the drug commercials seem full of 'liberal' [Jeffersonian/Kerryan] progaganda.Should I follow the research-based opinions of my doctor or the faith-based opinions of the Tsar?And: if we should follow faith instead of research, why don't you stop those ads that tell us to consult our doctors and make them tell us to consult the Tsar?Dating the year after next 2001 (Gregorian) has as much and as little validity as dating it 5761 (Hebrew) or dating it 128 (Pataphysical.) I think most people honest-to-Gawd believe the Papist date "is" the "real" date because they never stop to think about it.I suspect, also, that most people do and say most of the things they do and say for exactly the same reason: they never stop to think about it.

Giambatista Vico, "the father of sociology", suggested in The New Science that Thunder historically underlies the "god" idea; the Noisy Thing roaring in the sky , seemingly in rage, had to be appeased.The commmercials are trying to lure me into following research-based ideas rather than faith-based ideas! Worriedly, Robert Wilson Thank you for e-mailing President Bush. Because of the large volume of e-mail received, the President cannot personally respond to each message.However, the White House staff considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.I more-than-half suspect that all "good" writing, or all prose and poetry that one wants to read more than once, proceeds from a kind of "alteration in consciousness," i.e. [Don't become alarmed -- I think good acting comes from the same place.] I sometimes suspect that what Blake called Poetic Imagination expresses this exact thought in the language of his age, and that visits by"angels" and "gods" states it an even more archaic argot.These suspicions have grown over 72 years, but as a rather slow and stupid fellow I do not have the chutzpah to proclaim any of them as certitudes.

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